Welcome to the Dreamhouse is the first episode in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures.

Plot Edit

Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Chelse, and their parents are moving into their new dreamhouse. And their father places “The Pharoh’s Poodle” statue on the crafting table. But Chelsea is unsure because her teddy bear, Dr. Wiggles, dosen’t like it. All of a sudden, Skipper and Stacie’s beds start going crazy! Then they find out that there next-door neighbors have towed their moving van, so the Roberts and Ken are forced to move everything themselves. But when they try to move something up the stairs the slide goes on without warning. Because of that they start assuming Chelse, but she runs to her room swearing she didn’t do it. The others decide to sleuth. Barbie and Skipper spy on their next-door neighbors, while Stacie and Ken investigate the Pharoh’s Poodle. Eventually, Barbie finds Chelsea in her room and reassures her. Then, with investigateing, they find that a squirrel has been chewing the wireing! The episode ends with everyone enjoying the new Dreamhouse.