Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse -- The Only Way to Fly-0

Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse -- The Only Way to Fly-0


The Only Way to Fly is an episode of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. 

Offical DescriptionEdit

When Barbie is banned from the Malibu Airport, she and her sisters build a jet.



-Main title theme-

Barbie: Yes, of course. I understand. I am so sorry. 

Chelsea: Who is it?

Barbie: It seems... I'm no longer welcome at Malibu Airport. Apperantly I've been causing riots fans, paperazi and wellwishers... And causing massive delays! 

Chelsea: Now how will we travel the globe?

Skipper: Wait... Weren't you a pilot?

Barbie: Wait! Wasn't I a pilot?! I'm going to need my own jet!

Raquelle: Could you people read a little more quietly?

Barbie: Sorry, Raquelle. Everyone got it?

Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea: Got it!

Raquelle: QUIET!

Barbie: Great job, guys. 

Ken: Oh no. Barbie... You're putting something... together...

Barbie: It's a jet!

Ken: And you didn't even need my help! How about that. I'm feeling a little woozy... 

Barbie: Well... You could help me bracket the nose assembley to the fusal lodge.

Ken: I'm on it!

Barbie: Pull back the steering yolk and press the wing flap. Hmm... Steering yolk, steering yolk... Oh! Thanks, Chels.

Ken: AGGHH!!

Raquelle: AGGHH!!

Stacie: I forgot. I think I get air-sick.

Chelsea. What can I get for you, hon?

Ken: What do you have?

Chelsea: We have greasy double hamburgers, anchovy and artichoke pizza and creamy clam chowder with extra clams.

Stacie: Ugh.

Ken: Yes, yes and yes! 

Chelsea: That'll be forty-seven dollars.

Ken: Wha...??

Barbie: We seem to be having a wee bit of turbulance. 

Chelsea, Stacie, Skipper and Ken: AGGGHH!!

Barbie: Locate the course steer inginationinator and pull back on yolk accordingly until-

Chelsea, Stacie, Skipper and Ken; AGGHH!!

Barbie: Hmm... 

Raquelle: AGGHH!!

Barbie: That wasn't so hard.

Raquelle: Ugh.

Barbie: Thankyou for flying Air Barbie. Please be careful when opening the overhead bins as some of the contents may have shifted while in flight. 

Chelsea: Whoo-hoo! I want to go again!

Raquelle: That jet... Is a menace! I'm going to take this up with the zoning board, the mayor's office... Now what are you going to do with this monstrosity? This menace? This... Jet?

Chelsea: I've got the need for speed!


  • The bush is shaped as an old-fashioned plane.