Taffy head

Taffy is one of Barbara Millicent Roberts's dogs. She is featured in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She makes an appearance as a puppy in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures with Honey, Rookie, and DJ.

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Taffy is a yellow labrador retriever with many puppies. She is usually seen with a pink collar. Nikki from the Happy Family line has a similar dog. Taffy is good at fetching things and doing tricks with frisbees.

She enjoys being treated well, classical music, chew toys, spa days and many more. Taffy does not enjoy baths and is relatively well-behaved when she wants to be.

Family Edit

Other Pets in HouseholdEdit

  • Slipper (bunny, Chelsea)
  • Bilissa (cat, shared between sisters)
  • Lacey (dog, Barbie)
  • Rugby (hamster, Stacie)
  • Tawney (horse, Barbie)
  • Scrunchie (dog, Skipper)

Offical DescriptionEdit

The pampered pooch of Barbie isn't just fond of the finer things like filet mignon and doggy spas, but also has a sophisticated taste for art and literature. She loves nothing more than a good chew toy, classical music and a nice long belly rub.


  • Not everybody has a plastic six-pack, Ken!
  • What kind of spa involves a bucket and hose?