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Scarlet Star is a character in Barbie: I Can Be... A Popstar. She is a famous singer.

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Scarlet has red hair and green eyes with pale skin. Her style is usually glamarous and often accessories with sparkly jewels. She is kind to Barbie and her friends and teaches them about life as a popstar. Scarlet is a great dancer and singer. She is polite, supportive and sweet.


  • Scarlet has a white cat with black ears in her dressing room.
  • She works with a desginer to create all her stage outfits.
  • One of her most famous songs is All My Friends. It is Barbie, Teresa and Nikki's favorite song. 
  • Scarlet has an assistant called Lucy and a cheorgrapher called Jake.
  • She has a secret door in her tour bus that leads to her music studio.