Hey! So today I am going to show you Barbie's Makeup tutorial! So first you will need: pink, purple, and blue eye shadow,blush,bronzer, highlighter,pink lipstick,brushes,foundation,and a hair tie. First, you will want to put your hair up because you don't want any of that stuff in your hair! Next you need to put on your foundation. If you don't, then it wont look settled. Now do your highlighter. You put it on the creases of your nose. You CAN also put it under your eyes. Next put on your bronzer. You but it on the middle of your nose. You CAN also put it on your cheeks. Now you put on your blush. You put that on the apple of your cheeks. Now you do your eye shadow. This step is hard, so you need to read the directions CAREFULLY. Now pick up your PINK eye shadow. Put it in the MIDDLE of your eye lid. Just do 2-3 stroke. Now pick up your BLUE eye shadow. Put a LITTLE bit on the TOP of your eyelid. Now pick up your PURPLE eye shadow. Put a LITTLE bit on the bottom of your eyelid. Now you finished your makeup. Now this is an optional step. You can take out the ponytail in your hair or whatever you put it in, and do your hair in a lazy bun or high ponytail. Well, here is your makeup tutorial!