Olivia is a character in Barbie: I Can Be, An Actress storybook. The same character is used in pictures in a story in Barbie Magazine. She is an actress in a play at a local mall.

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Olivia has long ginger hair with freckles. She looks about the same age as Barbie, possibly older. Olivia admires Barbie for her acting skills and is confident enough to greet her. She often worries throughout the story, about the camera's filming the play and about the lead actress not being able to take part. 


Chelsea is helping Barbie learn her lines for her next movie, when Chelsea has had enough. Barbie and Chelsea are visitng their local mall when they watch a play. Olivia and several others admire Barbie's work. When Barbie realises that the play is running late, Olivia tells her and Chelsea to come backstage. She explains that the play is cancelled because the lead actress has cancelled. Barbie fills in for the lead role and Chelsea plays the little sister of the lead. Olivia sees a TV Crew outside to film the play and confides in Barbie about her nerves. Barbie explains some of her tips for staying calm and the play is a success.