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Nurse Brey is a character in Barbie: I Can Be... A Baby Nurse Storybook. She works at the hospital in Malibu, specialising in baby care.

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Brey is slightly older than Barbie and has long brown hair with a fringe, blue eyes and fair skin. Throughout the story her hair is seen in a high ponytail.

Brey is talented at taking care of babies and always knows what to do in emergencies. She does her job well and is good at teaching Barbie what to do. Brey is paitent, nice and supportive.


Nurse Brey teaches Barbie all that she needs to know about simple baby-care tasks, such as feeding, burping, sleeping, playing, crying, bathing and more. She is later called away to deliver a baby with Dr Mr Thomas, another doctor. 


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