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Merliah Summers

Merliah Summers is the outspoken, confident and daring star of Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. She is played by Kelly Sheridan.

Apperance and Personallity

Merliah Summer has fair skin, bright blue eyes and blonde hair with pink highlights. She is both mermaid and human and has the ability to change form at will between the two. Merliah is brave, confident, loud, funny and creative. She is a good dancer and is currently Malibu's top surfer. Her pink hair also gives her the ability to breathe underwater.

Background Story

Merliah is born in Oceania but is given to her grandfather when she is one year old, because she dosen t have a tail. Merliah is raised on land believing both her parents have died in an accident but when she was sixteen and 'of age', where she meets her mother in Oceania, Calissa. Calissa gives Merliah a magical necklace that lets her transform into a mermaid or human. This necklace is later taken by Kylie, but after the changing of the tides ceremony, Merliah could transform without it as her fullest form is actually both a mermaid and human.


  • Rip Summers (father) (deceased)
  • Queen Calissa of Oceania (mother)
  • Break (grandfather)
  • Eris (aunt).
    Merliah meet Zuma


Human Life

  • Kylie Morgan (human but has ability to change into mermaid using Merliah's old necklace)
  • Fallon Casey
  • Hadley

Mermaid Life

  • Kylie Morgan (human but has ability to change into mermaid using Merliah's old necklace)
  • Zuma (dolphin)
  • Xylie 
  • Kayla


  • Hadley! You guys were supposed to talk me out of this craziness!
  • Me? I'm fine. But you've had way too many mega-nasty wipeouts. You want me to believe my mother's a mermaid? And my Dad's, what, the lockness monster?!
  • Whatever else I am, I am Merliah, half-mermaid princess of Oceania.
  • I could do that with my eyes closed!
  • It's a shame, though. I had a sweet new move planned. I wish I could still change back so I could show it to Kylie.


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