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Meribella is a character in Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 and has a fear of being trapped. She is an ambassador from South America and travels to Aquellia. 

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Meribella has brown eyes, pale skin and strawberry blonde hair in a long plait. She wears a pink bikini top with yellow detail and has a pink tail.

Meribella's personallity is similar to Teresa's as they both have 'relaxed' ways of thinking and doing things and are both very calm. Meribella uses words such as 'glorious,' 'open,' 'free' and 'blissful.' 


  • Queen Calissa
  • Renata
  • Katrin
  • Selena


  • Isn’t it glorious here at the mercropolips? So pen and beautiful and free. It has the perfect energy for the changing of the tides ceremony.
  • We need to catch up. There's a blissful spot at the top of the mercropolips. We can see for miles.