Magical Mermaid Dolls were part of the Fairytopia range, but were not seen in any of the movies. The dolls consisted of Kayla, Barbara Millicent Roberts and Christie O'Neil. They were released in 2004. You can view the instructions at

Description on PackagingEdit

The description on the back of the packaging states:

If you're pure of heart,

kind in spirit,

and truly believe in your wildest dreams,

you will find your way to Fairytopia.

There you'll find the magical creatures 

of your fantasies.

What are you waiting for?

Journey to Fairytopia.

Offical DescriptionEdit

Barbie doll and her friends live under the sea as gorgeous mermaids with magical sculpted tail fins with sparkling jewels. Their tails are flexible and can be moved back and fourth and rotated 360 degrees. Barbie doll and her mermaid friends have lovely long flowing hair with colourful highlights and come with a sparkly comb and a cornw so she is princess of the sea! They are quite colorful, too.