Lea from the 2004 Cali Girl line.

Lea is one of Barbara Millicent Roberts's friends. She is now discontinued. You can find out more about when she was released on the Lea/Kayla Facemould page.

Offical DescriptionEdit

I'm into fashion flair (definatly dramatic!) and playing sports -I rock at karate and volleyball! I love my crew and will do anything for 'em! My saying: Always look out -and stick up!- for your buds!

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Lea is Asian and has brown eyes, pale skin and black hair. She is sporty, kind and confident.


  • Palm Beach
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Fashion Fever
  • Amazing Nails
  • Cali Girl
  • Beach Fun


  • One of the old Polly Pocket's best friends was called Lea, but she had short orange hair and was sporty.
  • It is known that Lea was in more lines too.
  • Alot of people have got mixed up with the 2012 and present Barbie dolls that has the Lea face mold but the doll is not name.