Meet Kevin

Kevin is a friend of Barbara Millicent Roberts]'s and starred in only the Barbie Diaries. He has not been seen / heard from since 2006, when the movie was made.


  • Barbie
  • Tia
  • Courtney

Apperance and PersonallityEdit

Kevin has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is a teenager and attends high school with Barbie. He is not popular, sporty or musical but is good at working with technology, espically video cameras, stop motion, computers and editing videos. He is funny, supportive and friendly when he is around friends, espically Barbie.

During the course of the movie, we could see that Kevin liked Barbie but never said or did anything about it directly to her, which shows that he is shy and nervous about being rejected. Writing the notes shows that he is a creative thinker. Sometimes Kevin tries to get closer to Barbie by saying things like 'Girl-Hug with Kevin?' and after nobody replies, he says 'Had to try.'


Kevin ended up being in a relationship with Barbie in 2006 (this was when Ken and Barbie had broken up, of course) and they seemed to have ended this before 2011.


  • I don't want to reveal who I am, don't want to be too scary, but maybe I'll see you in the library?
  • I'm full of semi not-so-terrible ideas.
  • That's one of the things that you love about me!
  • And once again, band practise sounds like three girls sitting around talking.
  • I can't believe it! She's actually playing!