Courtney and grace

(LTR) Courtney, Grace

Courtney is a character in the So In Style line.

Apperance and PersonalityEdit

Courtney has dark hair. Her birthday is on the 4th of November, making her a scorpio. She likes playing dress up and dancing. Cute.

Friends and FamilyEdit


The very first day they met, Courtney told Grace she didn't really care about school. She just wanted to be a cheerleader!

Grace knew her little sis could do better. That's when they made a deal! If Courtney turned in all her homework and got an A on her next test, she could cheer with the high school squad at a real football game!

Guess what? Courtney worked super hard in school. She started getting As and Bs on everything! Grace was so proud. She taught Courtney a dance routine and gave her a special pair of pom-poms to keep!

They had a blast cheering together at the game. Now they're both great students, too!