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This doll was released in 2005 and is now discontinued. She was part of the Cali Girl Wave in the Cali Girl Line.


This doll wears a pink rashie and orange board shorts. She has curly brown hair and comes with a pink surfboard.

Official DescriptionEdit

It’s another endless summer and Barbie® doll and friends head off for sun, surf, and sea at one of their favorite beaches. Cali Girl™ dolls are sporting the ultimate beach styles wearing board shorts, fashion beach tops and cool jewelry. Barbie®, Christie®, Lea®, Teresa® and Summer® look super hip in their every day California beachwear and Blaine® and Steven® look great too. The dolls all have gorgeous suntanned “skin” and are scented like suntan lotion. Sunglasses complete the look. Dolls have newly sculpted feet and the girls have painted toenails, too. Window box. Ages 5 and over