Chelsea sad
Chelsea Kelly Roberts is Barbara Millicent Roberts's youngest sister. Kelly was introduced in 1995 while Chelsea was introduced in 2010. She is very girllosh

Chelsea or kelly?i think kelly is betterEdit

Kelly was a barbie sister in 1995. She is a younger sister of Stacie, skipper, and (like I said) Barbie. Kelly later disappeared in the year of 2010, with (well known) Chelsey Roberts. Chelsey is just like Kelly but with brown hair and blue eyes. and Chelsey was the same as Kelly her information Kelly was disappeared because of her actions and decideded to quit, the show as they found a replacement and replaced Kelly to Chelsey Edit



  • Teresa
  • Midge
  • Nikki
  • Raquel(Barbie's *Rival*)


  • Slipper (bunny)
  • Taffy (dog)
  • Blissa (cat)
  • Tawnny (horse)


  • Can we, Barbie? Can we?
  • I hope I brought enough glitter...
  • A tennis-playing robot!
  • Have you seen my pink sparkly coat?
  • Let's try it again. Together.


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