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Bibble is one of the main characters in the Barbie: Fairytopia series. He is Elina's pet puffball and sidekick.

He is voiced by Lee Tockar.


Bibble and Elina are long lived in the realms of Fairytopia, he frequently helps Elina to finding her fairy friends. By the way, Bibble wake up with Elina, saw the paeony and various fairies by home of the meadow were poorly ill it. Later in leg, Bibble, Dandelion, and Elina were meet Azura, the staunch fairy guardian who have could warmth to be a supportive tutelar with wonderland.

When Azura wake him up, who later abducted by Laverna in her status. Bibble and Elina are also able to keep moving that tries to help a butterfly Hue to save her from Laverna's plans, across to dry lands, Withering Wood, while was encountered the merman monarch Prince Nalu. However, he and Hue must reserve to stay down, Elina support Dahlia, the dryad who is faithful helper of Laverna, defection to Laverna was for on.

Plus, Dahlia told Elina to stopping Laverna after she impart to disclose with her. They are only discovered finds the fairies, Bibble, Dahlia, and Hue are kidnapped by the Fungus for Laverna. Elina could deliver on many guardians for was going on, disbelieve to Laverna's threats, throwing the fake necklace and beating her. After Laverna was falling out, Bibble, Dahlia, and Hue are released.

The guardians was insurance that was returned, Bibble as he flying together with Elina, Dandelion, and Hue.