Barbie and her sisters are visiting their old hometown of Willows for two weeks. When they meet up with their grandmother, they are given four puppies. Chesea names her puppy Honey, Stacie names hers Rookie, Skipper names hers DJ, and Barbie names her loyal puppy Taffy. While playing in the attic, the girls and the puppies discover Barbie’s old treasure map and hear the legend behind it. Tales say that the town founders buried a treasure somewhere in the town, and they belived the treasure would be there in a time of need. And all the sisters except Barbie decide to go find it. But two bad guys, Joe and Marty, want the treasure for their own! The next morning, the sisters go to city hall and find a hidden plague with the help of bloodhound Jack. It leads them to the first willow tree’s vase and get a willow emble, which Stacie wears as a necklace, and a riddle. Meanwhile, Barbie is at Willowfest but finds out that her best friend when Willows’s, Christie, family is moving away due to lack of job and hard times! The next day, the riddle leads the three sisters to the fountain, where they find a clue that leads them to the clock tower. After a few days, they discover they the clock tower’s song is the clue! It’s the town song: Everything you need lies beneath the willow tree. But the digging is cut short when Joe and Marty steal Skipper’s backpack, so Barbie joins the treasure hunt the next day. Together they manage to uncover the entrance to a cave, but Joe and Marty pursue them. After a high-speed boat chase, the girls find the Willows treasure! But Joe and Marty enter and accidently shut the door with Taffy on the other side, but Taffy pushe a special button and the door opens. Then the puppies tie up Joe and Mart, and the girls donate their treasure to the city. Christie’s family dosen’t have to move anymore, and the movie ends with everyone enjoying Willowfest.

Chelsea, Stacie, Barbie, Skipper and Taffu

The main charecters